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Getting Ready, and Getting A Bonus

Tomorrow night, while the fall is creating lovely long shadows, I’ll be sharing “A Shabbat Sweet” in a family’s home. They’ll be having about 20 people over for dinner and the service.  And let me tell you, I am VERY excited about sharing the service with such a lovely family in such an intimate setting.

While I was practicing the service to sharpen up, I got two “bonuses”: first, the niggun (wordless melody) I’ve been working on, which I’m calling Beggar’s Niggun, took new shape: I found new and more interesting chords for the melody, and taking the suggestion from a dear friend, well, from Tracy Friend, I found a way to change the melody at the end in a way that holds the integrity of the niggun format while creating musical interest.

Second, as I was playing through V’Shamru, instead of just playing through the third stanza with my usual dissatisfied feeling, I let go and found new chords and a new melody for that stanza, kind of like a “bridge” in pop music.  I think the change really helps improve the song by adding new energy to the end of the piece.

Two New Videos for Your Viewing Pleasure!!

Here are two videos from a private performance on September 23, 2012 for the residents of the Barclay Condominium by me and Tracy Friend, who, because her mom and my dad are an “item,” make us brother and sister!!!  And let me tell you, the energy between us at this performance really solidified that sibling relationship!!!!


To view the other video, please click HERE.