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Ok, I’m moving forward.50th

Tomorrow I turn 50.

Today I met with Cole Simon to discuss filming videos for a campain (or another site similar to it!) later in December.  The plan is for three videos: an interview with me, and (hopefully), interviews with some other people who have been essential to the project so far!!!

Yup, “A Shabbat Sweet” is moving forward!  So stay tuned as things start coming together.  Hopefully, early in 2013, we’ll have the funds raised to record the entire album!

Four Fine Meetings

Photo by HSMKaplan

I met with four wonderful people this week; all fine people who where very interested in helping to propel the recording of “A Shabbat Sweet” forward.

And now I think: wow! I am such a lucky guy to have attracted such caring, thoughtful, dedicated people to this project.  And each of them is doing and/or has offered to do things to help breathe life into this service, this suite of music that started with my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and grew in my basement.  And they really, really want to help me bring the project to the rest of the world.  Wow!!!

So… to the four of you: thank you so very much; I look forward to accepting your generosity and having a wonderful, long-term relationship with you that produces LOTS of music.

And to those of you who are out there who want to help, your opportunity is only a CLICK away!!!

Finally… please remember that I’ll be sharing “A Shabbat Sweet” next Friday, July 6, 2012 on the beach with the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation!!!

Dodi Li is Done and Available for Free

Yes, it’s true: Dodi Li, the first song from my forthcoming recording, “A Shabbat Sweet,” is finished and it is now available for your listening and downloading pleasure!  Click HERE to download the song for free!

Just getting this one song recorded, as beautifully and professionally as this, has truly been a dream come true. Completing the entire recording would be… well, it would be awesome.  Please send everyone you know to the Free Download page on the website by sharing it with your friends in your favorite social media format.

Thank you to everyone who has made this possible.  I love you all!


My Vocals


I just finished listening to the lead vocals I recorded with Steve Rachid today.  It sounds pretty good!  I hear a bunch of tiny imperfections, but I think anyone else will just hear me singing.  I am always a tough critic of myself; I know it – I’ll let it go.

Going into the session I imagined the scenes in various movies where the producer has the singer sing one line over and over and over until the singer gets it just right.

Today’s session was nothing like that.  Steve had done some mixing of all the other tracks before I got there. Then, basically, I just sang with the band three times, and minimally using the magic of
the software to edit to the best stuff, we ended up with the lovely track that is my lead vocal.  BTW: no Autotune! It’s all me!

Good Listening

I’ve been listening to the rough mix of the rhythm section… and I’m just SO pleased. The groove they found is so true to my hopes, dreams and “vision” for the piece. It’s easy to listen to, and just darn toe-tappingly joyful! Thanks guys!

And… I just found out next Monday we’ll record the amazing clarinet and violin players from the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band. Oh joy!

We Got Rhythm!!

Yup!  Today we recorded the rhythm section: drums, bass and keyboard.  What amazing musicians!!!  This process of recording is just fascinating.  While I’d thought I’d heard the music in my head, the music took turns and twists I didn’t expect – and that I DO love.  And watching the process of musical negotiation between the three of them, with me and Steve Rachid… well, just fascinating!!!

Steve will be getting me mp3s of the recording tonight… both with my uke and vocals and without, so I can hear what we’ve done and practice with the rhythm section.

Next: the amazing violin and clarinet of the Maxwell Street Klezmer Band will lay down their sweetness and joy throughout, laying this musical painting with rich, vibrant colors!!!

First Session

I went into the studio last Tuesday to start recording a song from A Shabbat Sweet.  Steve Rachid is producing the song.  Turns out he’s not only a really nice guy who is incredibly easy to work with, he’s also an Emmy Award-winning producer!  Yeah, I’ll take that combination!

We started recording recording “Shir Hashirim (The Song of  Songs).”   Just a simple recording of my voice and uke as the song structure for the rest of the musicians which will next be drums, bass and keyboard.

It was really a great start.  I am so incredibly lucky to be able to do this.