Instrumental Tracks… check!!

I recorded the baritone ukulele tracks with Steve Rachid last night.  Done, done and done! And though I was pretty nervous going in, because I don’t feel like I’m the greatest instrumentalist in the world, Steve, as I expected, was kind, gentle, encouraging and full of excellent guidance.

My trepidation going in reminds me how important it is to just take the leap and take the risks, and trust that, even when the confidence isn’t there, if we “just show up,” then lovely things can result.

And the end result here is a ukulele track that is clean and vibrant, that breathes a rich groove into the song.  It just feels sooooo good.

So… this is the end of the story of the instrumental parts.  Next week we’re scheduled to record my vocals, and soon after we’ll record my daughter, Hannah, singing back-up vocals.

Oh… I can feel it coming together! So close!!

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