Rehearsing for the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival

I had an amazing rehearsal with the “Sweet Sisters” Monday night for our performances at 11:30 am and 3:00 pm at the Greater Chicago Jewish Festival June 10.  The “Sweet Sisters” are my daughter, Hannah Kaplan, Rena Newman, and special guest “sister,” Kelsey Waxman.

Wow, do these teens sound great! We’ve developed harmonies for almost every piece of music we’ll be doing at the Festival.  I think their blend is just fantastic!!!!  Yes, I AM biased (but I’m allowed, aren’t I?).

By the way, at 11:30 am, we’ll be playing original children’s music, including a Hanuka set!  And at 3:00 pm we’ll play selections from A Shabbat Sweet.

And don’t forget… Dodi Li, the first recording released from the forthcoming album, was just released over the weekend. Check it out and download it by clicking HERE.