A Wonderful “Beach” Service Last Night

Well, it wasn’t exactly on the beach, since it was over 100 in shade outside.

Instead, we brought “A Shabbat Sweet” inside the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation. First, we sat together and had “picnic” dinners while listening to the Beach Boys (just to keep that beach-y feel).  It was lovely to meet new people and reconnect with old friends.  And sharing food is just always yummy!  I really enjoyed another family’s fruit salad, and lots of kids enjoyed our pizza!  (And their parents were glad they ate something.)

Then, Cantor Howard Friedland, myself, Hannah Kaplan, Rena Newman and Dave Newman shared “A Shabbat Sweet” with members of the congregation and a wonderful family who was also there to name their sweet new baby.  It was so moving to hear her parents describe how her name connected to loved ones from their family.

For me, getting to to bring the service from my basement to the sanctuary of such a thriving, welcoming community would have been enough.  But to also experience the congregation singing along was just incredibly powerful.  As I’ve said before: wow!!!