It’s Shabbat tonight! Here’s something to get you ready…

I love to change the world,
But rarely appreciate things as they are.
I know how to give,
But I don’t always know how to receive.
I know how to keep busy,
But I don’t often listen.
I look, but I don’t often see.
I yearn to succeed,
But I often forget what is truly important.
Teach me, G-d, to slow down. May my resting revive me.
May it lead me to wisdom, to holiness
To Peace and to You.

(Rabbi Naomi Levy)

And remember, it’s just THREE WEEKS until we celebrate the release of the CD at the Jewish Reconstructionist Congregation on November 7 at 7:30 pm. Can’t make it to Evanston? The service will be streamed live HERE.

And remember, if you want to get one of the delightful CDs on November 7, you have to pre-order them HERE. CDs will not be sold the evening of the service to respect the Sabbath.