Shabbat Sweet – L’cha Dodi

It’s a Song-A-Day Marathon Leading to the 11/7 Release Celebration, with An Interpretive Translation of the Prayer: Today’s Song: L’Cha Dodi

Photo: Billy Kaplan
Photo: Billy Kaplan

Observe, cherish, hear the word as one,
The universe completed at this moment of union,
Your world filled with
Beauty, glory and praise.

Shabbat calls and we return
to the place of deepest beginnings.
Last in creation, but first in thought,
Our original blessing arrives once more.

In the place of holiness arise,
Leave your grief behind, join the land of the living.
You have dwelled too long in the valley of weeping
Come bask in my love and compassion.

Come in peace, crowned with joy,
Abundant in happiness, we welcome you in,
Our beloved, our friend,
Our bride.

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