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Eight Videos for Eight Nights of Hanuka!!! Light One Candle…

What could be better than seeing an original Hanuka video every night of Hanuka? Okay, maybe opening presents every night of Hanuka – you got me there.

Nevertheless, I’m gonna share with you an original Hanuka video every night. Some will be slick and polished, some just videotaped in my basement.

Here’s number one… ENJOY! It’s approaching 30,000 views! Think we can get it over that this Hanuka?

A Hanuka Present!!!


Since Hanuka is tonight I want to give you a present… MY MUSIC! Throughout Hanuka, I want you should enjoy the music I’ve recorded so far.

So… have a listen by clicking HERE!

First Four Recordings … Done. Next Ones Start Tomorrow

a taste of shabbat sweet cover

Hungry for some new Jewish music?

Well, I want you should have “a taste of Shabbat Sweet,” the new EP of the first four recordings from Shabbat Sweet. ┬áHave a nosh (a taste) and buy your copy at CDBaby and Facebook! Very soon you’ll be able to download them from iTunes, Amazon and Google Play! I’ll let you know when that happens.

Also, tomorrow I FINALLY go back to the studio to start recording the next four pieces: the Candle Lighting, V’Shamru, Oseh Shalom and Adon Olam. I’ll be practicing this afternoon, getting the tempos, remembering where we’ll have instrumental solos, etc.

And since Hanuka is coming, I thought I’d share with you a video of one of my Hanuka songs from my CD called “Dradle ‘Round the Tree.” Enjoy!