Beggar’s Niggun – A New Recording

I wrote in a recent blog about a new piece of music I composed called a niggun, or wordless melody, and some of you asked to hear it. So… “Beggar’s Niggun,” as I call it, is posted above.

This niggun is meant to usher in Shabbat. Singing along is a way to “get ready” to enter into the peace of shabbat, it is a spiritual call to rise above the mundane, everyday world.  And EVERYONE knows the words… ‘cos there ain’t any!

I hope as you catch on to the melody you’ll add your voice and sing along. You can’t go wrong. You don’t need to sing strong. (obviously there is something wrong with me if I have to rhyme every time!)

As you can tell, I recorded it with a few friends. Or to be more accurate, I recorded it with Me, Myself and I.  And “we” can’t thank my father enough for helping me turn my basement into a recording studio periodically.

I’m dedicating this recording to the memory of my aunt on her birthday and in honor of my friend, LM, for a fast and speedy recovery.  May the ruach, or spirit, of this niggun heal wounds of the heart, body and mind, and create a space in your life that allows the peace of Shabbat to rest in your soul.