A Celebration and Fundraiser in One!!

Ok, so my family TOTALLY got me.

I thought I was going to a meeting to talk with other parents about purchasing sound equipment for my daughter’s singing group. But, no!  It was a surprise party for my upcoming 50th birthday.

I didn’t break down in tears when I first figured out it was a surprise party. I kept it together, greeted folks, and walked around in a daze. So many people I knew and loved so much. And then I saw that they had a donation box for everyone to contribute to “A Shabbat Sweet” instead of getting me presents (and they raised over $1,000!!!).

I didn’t break down in tears when members of my family, and my daughter’s singing group put on a show performing some of MY songs and some of their own.

I DID break down when they asked me to sing an original children’s song “This is my house.” It was the lyrics that got to me: “This is my house. This is where live. My family’s got a whole lot of love to give.” It was when I started singing, “my family’s got…” that I snorted, broke into tears and uncontrollable laughter at the same time.

Yup, I truly felt loved!!!